Saturday, November 21, 2020

Grateful Heart Limited Time Freebie

Well what do you know? There's a free mini that matches my blog train mini (but has more papers and elements in it) in today's MyMemories newsletter! How awesome is that? This will only be free until the end of this month, so go and open your email right away so you can grab it before you forget. 

NOTE: Mine is towards the bottom of the email, and the first freebie in this newsletter issue is by Moore Blessings Digital Design. Hers is also made using the blog train color palette, so our two freebies will add even more goodies to the big collection you probably already received when you traveled that route. Yay! Also, you may not have gotten Lori's blog train mini, as I think it was posted after the links to the train were distributed. Her blog is here, if you want to go and check (by Nov. 30):

UPDATE: If you signed up for the MyMemories newsletter too late to receive the link to this freebie (and Moore Blessings' freebie also), please see my comment to another reader in the section below this post (click on the link entitled "comments" if the comments are not visible) where I gave the link to the online version of the newsletter. Be sure to sign up if you haven't yet, so that you can be sure to get all the goodies in the future! The link is toward the top of the left side of the website. Did you know that new subscribers get 15% off their next order? Wow!

Lidia made this lovely page using both the blog train mini and the MyMemories newsletter free mini:

Don't forget, the entire collection is on sale through Nov. 30 - that includes the portions that were added to the store after the ad below was made.

Bye for now!


  1. Hi! I just received my first newsletter from you. It is cut off after the "Note" starts so I didn't receive any links. Can you send them to me? Thanks!

    1. Hello, Blogger is not letting me reply to you directly, but I will answer here in hopes that you see it. I'm sorry that your newsletter didn't display properly in your email program. There is a link at the top of each one that says "display in browser" in case something like this happens. In case you already deleted the email, here is that link:

    2. It looks like you will have to copy and paste the link in your browser, as it doesn't seem to be clickable. Be sure to copy from the h in https to the e at the very end. Hope this helps!

  2. Thank-You for the pretty contributions to the BT. I love a treasure hunt so this was fun to go find them all. :)
    Be Safe. Blessed Be.


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