Saturday, December 26, 2020

Goodbye 2020 Sale!

Hello! I hope your holiday celebrations were wonderful in spite of the current world-wide conditions. I also pray that any disappointments this year will be more than made up for next year. To celebrate this momentous occasion of the final conclusion of the {very trying} Year 2020, I am having a 40% off sale in my whole store through December 31. 

Also in the way of a reminder, there are a few days left to participate in my forum challenge at MyMemories and also to get the free mini from my Facebook group, for anyone who missed those up until now. See the post here for more details. I'm looking forward to January's challenge, and I hope you are, too!

NOTE: If you tried to download my blog train freebie in the past couple of days, and it was not marked as free, please go ahead and try again now. The system canceled the 100% sale on it when I scheduled the current sale, and I didn't notice until Saturday afternoon. So sorry about that!


  1. What a lovely page! Thank you for sharing your creativity! I'm learning a lot through these sample pages and hopefully improving my own creations.

    A sale! Yikes! More temptation! LOL!

    Have a lovely and creative New Year! Joy

    1. Joy, I agree - the more variety in layouts that you see, the more ideas for your own pages that it will spark. :) There are so many styles to experiment with. I have a whole folder of favorite layouts saved on my computer to give me a little boost if I get stuck on where to begin with a new page. LOL

      You're so funny about the sale being tempting. hehe I always hope that everyone gets a good value from me, and so I do like to have frequent sales - and give away lots of freebies. I LOVE freebies! ;)

      I have a feeling that your New Year will indeed be very creative! So glad to have you active in our community. I'm excited about the two kits I have in process right now (for Jan. and Feb. already). Can't wait to see if you all like them!

      Happy New Year,


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