Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Worship the King Extras & More Layouts + Freebie

Hey there, how's your weekend gone so far? Mine has been pretty good! I hope yours has, too. I've been busy designing the extras to go with my Worship the King collection, and I can't wait to show them to you. Let's start with the clusters. These were specially designed to fit nicely over the kit frames, but they are also extremely easy to use with the artsy papers (see below) or on any style of paper in the whole collection.


I made a new product for this collection that I'm calling artsy papers. I can't wait to find out whether you like them or not!

Messy papers:

Distressed wood papers:

Torn papers:


Brush Accents:

Now how about looking at some layouts? Lidia outdid herself, I must say! This first one uses the clusters and wood papers:

And this one uses the clusters and cardstock, plus the frames from the kit. Don't you love how she was able to use so many colors, and they look so beautiful together? Nice!

And this layout uses the messy papers, torn papers, clusters and kit:

I'll be back within a few days with more layouts, but now for the freebie! I made you an extra paper and also two full-page wordart overlays. You can get this pack for free in my store by clicking on the preview below:

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