Sunday, January 24, 2021

Quickpage Sale + More Lovely Winter Time Extras & Layouts

Welcome back to my blog! Can you believe we only have one more week of January to go? I don't know about you, but I always look forward to Valentine's Day as a way to break up the monotony of winter. You can probably guess that my upcoming February collection will reflect that sentiment, too. ;)

First things first - I'm having a half off sale on all of my quickpages! My thinking is that just in case winter has zapped some of your creativity, you can still get some pages scrapped by using some of these. :) I have included just the most recent quickpage packs in the ad below, but I have ten 4-packs in my store so far, and they are all included in the sale. 

I went back and included an individual preview of each quickpage so that you can get a better look at them, along with numbers for the photo slots so that you can see how many it holds at a glance (and not wonder if a spot is for a photo or journaling, etc.) No idea why I didn't think of that sooner!

Since my last post, I've gotten these additional packs finished that coordinate with Lovely Winter Time. You can see one of them in the ad above, but here's a better look at the quickpages:

Next, this wordart pack was such a blast to make. It was funny, because I started out just making a few two-word phrases, and then it just took off! So I ended up with 35 words in each font, for a total of 70! There are a handful of words that are in both fonts, but most of them are different.

Lidia made this sweet page with the wordart included:

Also, in case you haven't seen this new feature to the blog yet, I have revamped the freebie page. It's now up-to-date and has direct links to where in my store you can get whichever currently available gifts strike your fancy! ❤ Click on the image below to go check it out!

Monday, January 18, 2021

Freebie Alert & Last Day of Bundle Sale!

Hi there! I just wanted to give you a heads up about a freebie I designed for the MyMemories Share the Memories newsletter today. If you already got the free papers from earlier this month, these clusters will go nicely with both those and the blog train mini. Then if you participate in my challenge, you'll have a pretty nice portion of the Lovely Winter Time collection for free - yay! Click the preview below to grab the new cluster freebie:

As a reminder, here is what the free paper pack and challenge prize look like, and also the blog train mini. So this way you can get a visual of what all is offered for free through Jan. 31 - if you make sure to do the challenge. The challenge mini is in the store now for those who do not want to participate, but don't buy it if you think you'll be able to join in!

Here are a couple of pages I made with both the free cluster pack and the free paper pack (go back to the template blog train post for that link if you haven't gotten those yet - you have until Jan. 31 to get them free.)

Don't forget that today is also the last day of my 50% off bundles sale. :) That includes the Lovely Winter Time bundle and also the new Grateful Heart bundle (which I forgot to add to the store back in November - sorry!)

It's also the last day of 1/3 off the Lovely Winter Time kit (and cardstock), but not to worry! I've set a sale on the extras that were released after the kit for 1/3 off so that the savings can continue. 😊 In fact, I have one brand new product in the collection to show you today!

And here are the other packs that are now 33% off:

Here are some {beyond} beautiful pages that Lidia made with photos just taken yesterday. She said that they took her only minutes to make because of using the artsy papers and clusters. Gotta love that!

That's all from me today. My week started out with accidentally putting lemon extract in my coffee when I had meant to add a bit of almond extract. Ugh. I hope your week started out better than that! LOL

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Designer Tip & More Layouts!

Woohoo! I have the honor of presenting another designer tip for you on the MyMemories blog. 😊You can click on the preview below to check it out.

After I submitted the blog post to the administrator, I later had some time to add some bits here and there to my layouts. Here are the updated versions of those:

Since my last post, I have to admit that I've had WAY too much fun playing with the Lovely Winter Time collection. Here are several new layouts using mostly the extras like clusters (both large and small), messy papers, torn papers, journal scraps, etc., plus a few elements from the rest of the collection thrown in here and there on some of the pages.

And that's all I have today - I sure hope you have a wonderful rest of your weekend. Have fun scrapping with your goodies if you traveled on the MyMemories blog train!

Friday, January 15, 2021

MyMemories January 2021 Blog Train & Lovely Winter Time Extras & Bundle Sale!

Hello! I'm so glad you made it to my stop on the January MyMemories Blog Train. Here we are half way through the first month of the New Year. I sure hope it's being kind to you and yours so far. I think that if we learned anything from 2020, it could be that we're stronger and more adaptable than we realized! Nevertheless, most of us like familiarity and we enjoy our routines - so going too far outside of those can make us uncomfortable. That's my take on it, anyway! Feel free to chime in with your two cents in the comments. 😊

I've been enjoying this winter quite a bit already, in a cozy indoors sort of way. ;) My newest collection was so much fun to create. I hope you enjoy scrapping with it as much as I enjoyed making it! Here are the previews of some additions to it since my last post.

{Very} Large Clusters (shown at 50% scale)

Small Clusters (shown at 55% scale, so at all tiny like the preview makes them appear)

Journal Scraps


Messy Papers

Wood Papers

Torn Papers

I have also gathered together a bundle of all of the above packs (except for the cardstock, which will be in a later bundle) for convenience and savings. This is excellent timing, as you'll see in a little while below - because I'm having a sale on all bundles for extra savings!

Lidia made these beautiful pages using various parts of the entire collection. On these first two, she used a blending technique where she erased part of one paper so that the one below it could show through and give it an artsy, custom look. Your program may or may not be able to do that, but you can definitely clip photos and other objects to photo masks and shapes in MyMemories Suite Software - so put your thinking cap on and you're sure to find a way to achieve the look you're going for! :) The brush accents that I often make for my collections can also be used to clip papers and photos to, in addition to dressing up pages. Actually, there are a few included in the main kit of the Lovely Winter Time collection instead of there being a separate pack (at least as yet...)

This next layout of Lidia's uses the torn papers, cardstock, small clusters and journal scraps. Don't you love how she layered those up? So clever!

Next up, I made the following pages using parts of most of the collection:

I'd also like to share with you some timely news: All of the bundles in my shop are 50% off! I thought that would be a good way to build up your stash and save money at the same time - am I right? 😉 UPDATE (Jan.19): The bundle sale is over, but I feel bad that it was just too short. Good news: I will be having all of my quickpages on sale from Jan. 24-31, and that will allow more time to find out about the sale in order to take advantage of it. I'll also try to remember to make the bundle sale last longer next time. I know that it's no fun to find out about sales that have already ended, and I apologize.

And finally, here is the mini I made for you this month. I hope you like it! Click on the preview below to download it. I'm sure that you already know that if you don't use the MyMemories Suite software, you can download the zip from the "general" column of your download area and use it in whatever program you like. Also be sure to check out this month's coordinating participation prize for my "I ❤ This" forum challenge. (If you're sure you won't have time to join, it is available for purchase now - but I'd love to have you participate and get it for free!)

You are also invited to visit this post that has links to many other gifts I've specially made for you, my scrapping friends. I appreciate you so much, and would love for you to have anything that you see there and take a liking to. :)

Your next stop after mine will be PrettyJuScraps. If you get lost, just go to the My Memories blog here and you'll find your way again in no time! 

Here is a fabulous page that Lidia made with the blog train mini. I love the sweet winter scene she made and her adorable photos, don't you?!

Before you go on to the next stop, have you tried the easy-to-use, award-winning My Memories Suite software yet? If you'd like to, you can get a free trial. If you do like it, you can save $10 on your purchase by using my code: STMMMS39100 (Update March 2021: You can also get 10% off your print order by using this code! How awesome is that??!!)

I hope you have a wonderful time on your blog train trip today! Be sure to check back next month around this time for February's train!

40% Off Flash Storewide Sale!


Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Lovely Winter Time Winners & Layouts

I'm back with the random drawing. I found a really cool wheel picker app online that I could use to randomly pick them. There were 18 entries in the Facebook group, and here is the screenshot of those names on the wheel:

There were 19 entries combined between the blog and Facebook page. Here are their names entered on the picker wheel. (Yes, Mom is the username of one entrant. It's not my Mom, LOL!)

Drum roll, please! I clicked the "spin" button on the Facebook group first. Then I switched to the other list, and then since the group winner was entered again in the next drawing, I clicked on the "x" next to her name before clicking "spin" on the blog/Facebook page list. 

Here are the results. I took a screenshot as the app was sprinkling confetti and playing music. You'll just have to use your imagination for that part. ;) The winner of the Facebook group drawing is Lou, and the winner of the blog/Facebook page drawing is Antonia. Congratulations to both of you! I'll get you the download links asap.

Here the full preview of the kit they won, Lovely Winter Time. If you didn't win this time, maybe next month will be your lucky time? In the meantime, I've put the kit on sale for 1/3 off through January 18.

Elements only preview:

Papers only preview:

And here are some absolutely beautiful sample pages made by Lidia:

This next page also uses one of the free papers (in the background) from my post on January 2 (the one with the template blog train):

Here are some layouts that I created using the whole collection (including the blog train and January forum challenge prize):

I also made these faith art journal pages:

Well, that's all from me for today. But before I go, one more thing... We had quite a treat here twice already this week. There was fog at night that froze on everything, and so we had amazingly beautiful frost coated trees when we woke up (until it melted off later in the day). There was still some snow left on the evergreens from the last snowfall, so it made a lovely combination. It is a bit of a bummer that the sun isn't out - how gorgeous would that be? But I think that's actually how we got this weather pattern twice so close together is that it has been very overcast. 

Thanks for reading. I hope the rest of your week is awesome!