Wednesday, February 3, 2021

More Let There Be: Love Layouts!

When I said I would make some pages when I could fit it in, I had no idea that I would have such a blast. They just went together so fast! So prepare yourself. LOL I made SIXTEEN pages. Yes, I really did! These use various combinations of the collection, so I'll try to jot down what's what as I go. These will be in random order. I tried to test my claim that these digi-supplies could be used for children, babies, weddings, etc. in addition to Valentine's Day, and I think I succeeded...

Messy paper, journal card, wordart, cluster frame, some kit elements (doily, lace, one flower):

Cluster frame, cardstock, extra paper, doilies from kit:

Extra paper, kit paper, border, cardstock, cluster frame, lace from kit:

Journal card, wordart, kit elements and papers:

Kit papers and elements, cardstock, extra paper, two journal cards:

Messy paper, journal card, wordart, border, kit paper (hearts - color adjusted):

Kit papers & elements, cardstock, wordart (inverted to white instead of black), brush accents:

Kit papers & elements, cardstock, brush accents:

Messy paper, journal scrap, wordart (I blended it in, but you could just re-color it brown if you aren't able to blend in your program), border, frame and doilies from kit:

Wood paper, brush accents, journal scrap, journal card, wordart (re-colored, with stroke and bevel added), elements from kit:

Wood paper, cluster frame, brush accents, elements from kit (to sort of mirror those on the top of the cluster frame), extra paper (behind photo):

Wood paper, cluster frame, kit paper and elements, cardstock:

Wood paper, messy paper, border, journal card, wordart, heart from kit:

Wood paper, journal scraps (stacked), wordarts (blended again, but you can recolor them and also use lower the opacity to get a similar effect), kit elements:

Extra paper, kit paper, cardstock, kit elements:

Cluster frame, messy paper, extra paper:

Isn't it funny how some of the pages that I made using very few items don't look plain at all? But one thing is sure, those pages only took a few minutes to make! I hope you enjoyed looking. As a reminder, the main kit is on sale for $2 and the other packs (including the two bundles) are half off through February 7.

Hope to see you back here soon! In the meantime, we're half-way through this week already! How did that happen? I hope yours is going well!


  1. Amazing pages! You are so talented!!!!

    1. Thank you so much, Joy! I have to say, it sure is fun! :)


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