Tuesday, February 9, 2021

With All My Heart

Hi all! I'm so excited to show you my second collection for February! For this one, as I said previously, I went down a whimsical path. I wanted to design something that would be useful not only for Valentine's Day, weddings and other romantic pages, but also for babies and kids, beloved pets, and family love - plus everyday layouts, maybe vintage (especially with the portion that is the participation prize for my February challenge), and so on. Let me know if you think I achieved that goal or not. I hope so. Either way, it was so enjoyable to create, and I'm pleased with the results.

I've entitled this collection "With All My Heart," and had in mind that we are commanded to love God first and most, above all. All of our gifts, including family, come from Him. Hallelujah! (Did you know that means "highest praise to God"?) The entire collection is on sale for 1/3 off through February 22, except the bundles are half off (woohoo!) 

Let's take a look at it all, shall we? Here is the main kit:

Elements only:

Papers only:

Whimsical element pack (with colored versions of some of the white elements from the kit):

Journal cards:

Love-themed Scripture wordart:

Journal scraps (3 sets each of 4 designs):

Brush accents:

Messy papers:

Torn papers:

Wood papers:

Borders (3 page-width):



Closeups of each quickpage:

And finally, the bundle packs:

I guess you could say that between this collection and the Let There Be: Love collection, I've been VERY busy - but it's been SO much fun! Here are some amazing pages created by Lidia. This first page uses a messy paper along with the kit.

Using kit elements, a hot air balloon from the whimsical ellies pack, a torn paper and some wood papers (one background and some clipped to shapes behind the photo).

Using kit papers (including one clipped to the frame shape), cardstock, a journal card and kit elements.

Using the kit and a heart from the whimsical ellies pack (photo mask not included):

Using the kit, a wood paper, and journal scrap.

Using the kit, challenge participation mini, brush accents, journal scraps, and messy papers. Isn't that fun how she stacked it all up? Love that!

Using a wood paper and border (easy, peasy!):

Now for a few of my own pages... For this first one, I used a wood paper, two torn papers, a journal scrap (the version with all of the wordart on it), a hot air balloon from the whimsical ellies pack, one wordart, and some elements from the kit, challenge prize and blog train mini. Can you believe the February blog train is only 8 days away?! Woohoo!

Next I used two cardstock, a messy paper, one kit paper, a brush accent, a hot air balloon from the whimsical ellies, one wordart, and elements from the kit and challenge prize.

This next layout uses a wood paper, cardstock, a challenge prize paper, a brush accent, some whimsical ellies, one wordart, a journal scrap (the same one twice under the photo and frame, the version without any wordart on it), and some elements from the kit.

And for the last page I made (for now), I used a wood paper, a messy paper, cardstock, border and elements from the kit and blog train mini.

Thanks for looking! I will most certainly make some more pages when I get time, and I'll post them here when I do. In the meantime, I would love to see your pages! If you have them in an online gallery, feel free to give me a link in the comments, or get in touch with me on Facebook or at MyMemories. Bye for now!


  1. I loved everything about this collection!!! The sample pages really help with my own page creation. Thank you! Joy

    1. Thanks, Joy! It's so nice to know that the samples are helpful - I always feel the same way. It's good to see ideas, which can often spark our own ideas. So glad you visited! Have a great week!


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