Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Awesome $2 Tuesday Deal!!

Hi everyone! I'm back already with another fantastic deal for you. 😊 This ice cream-themed collection is just what the beautiful summer weather calls for, don't you agree? If you're wondering why this is called an "add-on," the original kit was only available to Design Club members (I think), and is not yet for sale in my store. However, you can get this fun add-on for only $2 and the other pack in the collection (except for that main kit I mentioned) for only $1 each from now until July 20 - woohoo!!

Here is a quick look at each pack in this collection.

Here are some super fun sample pages!

That's the whole SCOOP! (Pun intended!!) Thank you so much for reading. I hope your summer has been just wonderful so far. 

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